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transcutaneous lumbar disc resection spine surgery

This minimally invasive spine procedure can be done in place of a complex spinal fusion or laminectomy.

back pain spine specialist

Dr. Richard Marks has provided advanced surgical care to relieve back pain in more than 5,000 discs.

back pain

Dr. Marks has performed more Transcutaneous Lumbar Disc resections than anyone in the U.S.

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

knee painPeople who suffer from knee pain can either have the problem surgically repaired or pursue non-surgical options. Physical therapy is one way to reduce pain and restore strength, and has proven very effective for a large number of people. If your doctor recommends this alternative, here is some information on what you can expect.

Getting Started

Before you start your physical therapy program for your knee pain, the therapist will probably ask you a lot of questions about your medical history. Your therapist will not just have your knee condition in mind, but your overall health as well. Once your sessions begin, he or she should always be nearby making sure you can get through the exercises – the therapist should not simply assign you an exercise and then leave.

You’ll be shown the correct form in order to perform whatever work your therapist asks you to do. He or she will continue to ask how you feel and what level of knee pain you are experiencing. More than likely, you will attend sessions two or three times a week, and your therapy will probably last anywhere from 3-6 weeks. The more severe your issue, of course, the longer your therapy will likely last.

You may also receive other treatments in order to reduce your pain. These may include ultrasound therapy to stimulate your muscles and increase blood flow, as well as alternating ice and heat treatments.

Extra Help

There is a chance that your doctor will recommend you use a supportive aid such as crutches while you are going through therapy. You may use a cane or you may need to wear a brace in order to provide further support. It’s extremely important that you learn to use whatever type of aid is recommended correctly so that you don’t risk further injury.

The Dallas area experts at the office of Dr. Richard A. Marks can help alleviate your knee pain so you can once again pursue the activities you love. Give us a call at 972-301-2866 or contact us online to learn more.