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transcutaneous lumbar disc resection spine surgery

This minimally invasive spine procedure can be done in place of a complex spinal fusion or laminectomy.

back pain spine specialist

Dr. Richard Marks has provided advanced surgical care to relieve back pain in more than 5,000 discs.

back pain

Dr. Marks has performed more Transcutaneous Lumbar Disc resections than anyone in the U.S.

Your Options for Knee Surgery

Comprehensive Solutions for Knee Pain

knee pain orthopedic surgeryWhile Dr. Richard A. Marks and his experienced team may only recommend arthroscopic surgery as a last resort when you experience knee pain, non-surgical treatments alone may not completely resolve the condition. That is when knee surgery may be your only option to regain your maximum range of motion. No matter what type of pain you are experiencing, our certified orthopedic doctor can help you.

Our goal is to assist patients by minimizing pain, promoting mobility, and increasing overall health. We do this through modern examination techniques and when necessary the use of advanced surgical techniques.

 Knee Surgery Options

The knee works in tandem with the spine in supporting your body. When injury or disease impacts your knee, daily routines become more difficult to manage. Dr. Marks and his team will correctly diagnose your knee and recommend the best options for treatment. If surgery is recommended, our team has the expertise and experience to surgically care for you. Some surgery options are:

We make the experience of knee surgery comfortable by educating our patients regarding their various options. You’re in control of all decisions that are made. Many of our patients can’t believe just how much mobility they’ve lost due to knee injuries, and after surgery, they’re astounded by the increase in their quality of life and physical ability.

Schedule a Knee Surgery Consultation

Our experienced orthopedic surgeon is accepting new patients who are experiencing knee pain and considering knee surgery. To schedule an appointment, contact our office at 972-231-7100.