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This minimally invasive spine procedure can be done in place of a complex spinal fusion or laminectomy.

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Dr. Richard Marks has provided advanced surgical care to relieve back pain in more than 5,000 discs.

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Dr. Marks has performed more Transcutaneous Lumbar Disc resections than anyone in the U.S.

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Dr. Marks Pioneers Exciting Spine Procedure

Breakthrough in Spine Surgery

One of the most exciting advances in minimally invasive spine surgery is Dr. Marks’ Transcutaneous Lumbar Disc Resection procedure. It is an advanced method of repairing discs that are injured, whether by trauma or wear and tear. Injured discs may be described as herniated, bulging, slipped, cracked, ruptured, protruding, dessicated, or “dark” on MRI scans.

Richardson Doctor Develops Minimally Invasive Surgery

spine surgery in richardson txThis spine surgery technique was originally developed to allow athletes to return to their sport in the quickest amount of time with the least long-term restrictions or risks. Dr. Marks began using the procedure with its original instrumentation soon after its inception in the mid 1980s, but for more than just the athletic subgroup of patients. He performed the minimally invasive surgery on patients for whom traditional open spine surgery was not an option. Some patients were afraid of risks or complications related to open surgery itself; others were fearful of anesthesia. Some were too sick to undergo a general anesthetic or too osteoporotic to consider spinal fusion.

The reasons varied, but Dr. Marks soon saw this newly available technique was effective in well over 50% of the patients who had exhausted every other option. His indications broadened, and the number of patients seeking his expertise in the emerging field of minimally invasive lumbar spine surgery grew rapidly. It soon became apparent (and futher documented in a paper published in Southern Medical Journal vol. 97, issue 8) that this outpatient procedure was significantly decreasing debilitating back and/or leg pain in at least four out of five patients.

Now, Dr. Marks has performed this surgical procedure on more than 6,000 discs. Using proprietary tools that have been specially crafted for this procedure, his experience represents him having done significantly more of these minimally invasive techniques than anyone else in the United States.

What is Transcutaneous Lumbar Disc Resection?

Transcutaneous Lumbar Disc Resection is a better alternative to spine surgeries such as a complex spinal fusion or a laminectomy. The injured disc or discs are entered through what is known as a lateral extraforaminal approach so that a small amount of the shock absorbing disc, the nucleus, can be removed. This decompression is meant to minimize the painful pressure on the internally cracked disc, as well as the surrounding nerve tissue. This minimally invasive spine procedure is performed in an outpatient setting. The patient is asleep under the influence of IV (intravenous) analgesia, also referred to as “twilight sleep” as opposed to a general anesthetic that requires inserting a breathing tube. Patients often awaken much improved and need only days to fully recover (rather than weeks or months).

Are You a Candidate for Spine Surgery?

While this surgery has had tremendous success, not everyone is a proper candidate. Dr. Marks and his team will want to perform a complete examination to determine if you are a candidate for this surgery.

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