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transcutaneous lumbar disc resection spine surgery

This minimally invasive spine procedure can be done in place of a complex spinal fusion or laminectomy.

back pain spine specialist

Dr. Richard Marks has provided advanced surgical care to relieve back pain in more than 5,000 discs.

back pain

Dr. Marks has performed more Transcutaneous Lumbar Disc resections than anyone in the U.S.

Spine Pain, Back Pain and Neck Pain

spine surgery specialist RichardsonPain radiating in the spine affects millions of Americans each year and is one of the more difficult to diagnose and treat. Whether centralized in the back or in the neck, and/or radiating to arms or legs, the pain can manifest itself slowly over time or appear suddenly. It can be intermittent or constant. Whatever the cause or frequency, orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Richard Marks has the experience and expertise to properly examine, diagnose and treat all varieties of back pain and neck pain.

Causes of Neck and Back Pain

Injuries to the back and neck muscles, ligaments or nerves can cause moderate to severe back pain or neck pain. Diagnosing the cause of neck or back pain is critical for regaining as pain free life as possible. Many conditions that can cause neck or back pain such as a herniated disc require an examination by an orthopedic spine surgeon. Dr. Marks has diagnosed and treated a number of causes of back pain including:

  • Herniated Disc
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Bulging Disc
  • Protruding Disc
  • Internally Cracked Disc
  • Spine Fractures
  • Motor Vehicle Accident

Symptoms of Back, Neck or Spinal Cord Disorders

There are a many symptoms of back pain including muscle ache, stiffness, “stabbing” pain, limited range of motion, pain radiating down your leg, and inability to stand straight up. While these may require attention, you will want to see our orthopedic surgeon if your back pain:

  • is constant or intense
  • causes numbness or weakness in oneĀ or both legs
  • occurs with redness and swelling on your back
  • comes from an unknown source

Treating Back Pain and Neck Pain

Dr. Marks and his experienced team looks for conservative treatments first when treating back pain. However, when spine surgery is required, Dr. Marks and his team has the experience and expertise to surgically treat your back pain or neck pain. Some of our surgical options may include:

  • Transcutaneous Lumbar Disc Resection
  • Spine Fusion

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